Medicare For All

Are you the type of  person who values freedom above all else?

Medicare For All is the healthcare program for you!  

A people-oriented health system that emphasizes better outcomes and longer life expectancies and comes with no deductibles, no premiums, no medical bankruptcies, no more battles with insurance companies, inexpensive drugs and universal access to some of the worlds best medical professionals.  Life is unpredictable, and Medicare For All enables you to live your life to the fullest knowing you will have 100% coverage from the moment you are brought into this world, until your last breath.

There are both business and social incentives for why we should implement a Medicare For All plan immediately:

  • Business - Most companies have no idea what type of plan is best for their employees. Worse, it costs them a ton of money to be providing potentially lousy health insurance.  Because there is no alternative many employees now stay at jobs they hate, because quitting would mean forgoing health insurance, and the risk of losing it may be too great if you have a sick child, spouse or parent.  This makes it difficult or sometimes even impossible for people to change jobs, which not only dampens economic efficiency, but reducing the competition for labor and, ultimately reducing wages. Lastly, it hurts the self employed entrepreneurs, the true job creators of this country, and entry level positions the most.  As a self-employed entrepreneur, it is extremely expensive to find a plan to cover yourself because you have no negotiating leverage. As an entry level employee, the cost to insure you may cost an employer between 30-50% of your salary. Instead of complex plans, businesses will simply pay into the Medicare For All plan and allow them to focus on their core business competencies

  • Social - Beyond being more effective and efficient, we should be opting into Medicare For All because it is in our own self interest.  At its root, this system caters to our human need for selfishness.  Almost all of the developed countries around the world, and even some that we consider “third world” provide their citizens with over 99.9% coverage.  They don’t do it because they are small, homogeneous “nanny states” where everyone looks alike, thinks alike, and belongs to a big extended family. No! On the contrary, their citizens—all of their citizens, but especially the middle class—receive high-quality services that save people a lot of money, time, and trouble.  Their sentiment is “MY taxes were paid for top notch services for ME.” The reason they keep their systems is because as a whole, they come out ahead, not just as a group, but as individuals.


Healthcare Reform

So what will it take to adapt our healthcare system so that it better fits the construct of a Medicare For All plan?  Here are a few key reforms that will lead to a more successful implementation:

  • More Doctors - To enable more access we need more doctors.  We have two ways of doing this.

    • Free Medical School - Homegrown talent, the best and the brightest.  Make it financially easier for people to train as doctors.

    • Doctor Immigration - Doctors who are educated and trained abroad are prohibited from practicing in the United States unless they complete a U.S. residency program. Obviously, there are hundreds of thousands of very competent doctors worldwide who are excluded from practicing medicine by this measure. This sort of protectionism may cost the country as much as $100 billion a year in higher health care costs.


  • Drug Patent Reform - Drugs are cheap, but our horrific medical patent laws make them insanely expensive.  Some people get mad over tariffs that are between 5% and 25%, but medical patents can be the equivalent of a 10,000% tariff!  Publicly financed medical research, with open information, and completed by private contracts, will not only enable more innovation, but will drastically cut costs by enabling more free market pricing.


  • Medical Oversight - In the United States, two-thirds of physicians are specialists, which in other wealthy countries, specialists make up only one-third of physicians. There is little evidence that a greater use of specialists results in better outcomes. Doctors should not be the ones setting the standards of care. It would be best if these standards are set by other health care professionals without a direct financial stake.


  • End the War on Drugs - The opioid epidemic is a health crisis, not a criminal one.  We can begin treating patients appropriately, with all the necessary resources, to bring an end to this growing crisis.  We can provide these people hope once more.


  • End of Private Health Insurance Companies - Health insurance company profits, is money wasted on executive bonuses.  We can eliminate profit oriented insurance companies, and only allow non-profit organizations to assist in providing additional coverage where needed.

We have a modern plan that will be the envy of the world.  We can ensure everyone is covered because it is in our own self interest to have the people in our lives in top notch health.  As our #AmericaConnected campaign would indicate, we are all in this together. We should all have a say in our plan, and continuously look for new ways to improve upon the solid foundation that is Medicare For All.